Love Quotes In Spanish With English Translation

Spanish - Me haces feliz

English - You make me happy


Spanish - Muchos te amo

English - I love you very much

Spanish - No puedo vivir sin ti

English - I can't live without you

Spanish - Pienso en ti siempre

English - I always think of you

Spanish - Tu eres mi vida

English - You are my life

Spanish - Sin ti no puedo respirar. Te necesito en mi vida.

English - Without you I can not breath. I need you in my life.

Spanish - Anoche soñé contigo y esta manana no me quiero despertar

English - Last night I dreamed of you and this morning I did not want to wake up.

Spanish - Cada día te quiero más que ayer y menos que mañana

English - I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow

Spanish - Dar mi un beso

English - Give me a kiss

Spanish - Desearia que estuvieras aqui conmigo

English - I wish you were here with me

Spanish - Eres tan linda como una flor

English - You are as beautiful as a flower

Spanish - Estoy desesperadamente enamorado de ti

English - I'm hopelessly in love with you

Spanish - Bailamos?

English - Shall we dance?

Spanish - Esta es una canción de amor.

English - This is a love song

Spanish - Eres muy linda.

English - You are very pretty

Spanish - Estás soltera(o)?

English - Are you single?

Spanish - Tienes novia?

English - Do you have a girlfriend?

Spanish - Tienes novio?

English - Do you have a boyfriend?

Spanish - Eres muy sexy.

English - You're very sexy.

Spanish - Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo.

English - You have the prettiest eyes in the world.

Spanish - Tienes una sonrisa muy hermosa.

English - You have a lovely smile